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30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Silly me, I was so keen to start quickly yesterday, that I forgot to Warm Up before the exercise and Stretch & Cool Down after. So I ended up with pain in my muscles! Ouch! Today I am going to start with no mistakes.

My motivation:

300 Rep Fat Slaughter Workout – Day 2

I don’t have a sandbag, but my weights were perfectly fine for this exercises.


Resistance training Time Challenge

Total time – 17:40


Ab Routine with Interval Timer on 50/10

1) Reptile PushUp – 20

2) Mountain Climbers – 43

3) Star Push Ups – 20


Not bad after all, sweat was raining, but I still don’t look like Zuzana on the picture. This will take time and it’s well worth it!


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