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Hello world! Here I am!

The Introduction.

It’s been a long time since I was planning to start my own blog. Well, here you go! Finally I am here. If you are asking who I am, please continue reading. For someone I am a partner, friend, mum, makeup artist or just a crazy fool. I could be anything or anyone, however, I am me.

Born and raised in Czech in 1985, since 2008 a Londoner. Traveled around Europe and lived in Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia for half year.  I have a beautiful son. I will talk about him later on. Since on maternity leave, looking after my baby gave me the chance to see a brand new world. I’m a mummy! And most of the time at home, which is a fantastic opportunity to start and share my new hobby – be a reviewer and a blogger, think how to make more money and grow my business. If you are interested in my Makeup Art, click here.

Hope you guys gonna enjoy this as I do. Please leave your comments when you visit my page, I am happy for your feedback.



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