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30 Day Challenge – Day 3

I hurt my right shoulder last week, when I was lifting my baby too much :). It was getting better, but today it got worse again after this killer workout! Anyway, I can’t complain, today’s 15 minutes made me feel great and I remembered to warm up and stretch.


Tighten It Up Workout – Day 3 Week One of The February 30 Day Challenge

My scores 50/10 3 rep:
Shoulder LiftDrop using 5kg weight – 17 – 16 – 15
PushUps on knees + JumpOver – 7 – 7 – 5
10 HighKnees + 10 MountainClimbers – 3 – 2 – 3
TuckKnees + StarJumps – 18 – 16 – 14

Ab-bonus 50/10:
Star-Abs – 25
Oblique Left – 19 (first 3 with straight arm, rest on elbow)
Oblique Right – 25 (on elbow)

OUCH! Now time for a shower! 🙂


30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Silly me, I was so keen to start quickly yesterday, that I forgot to Warm Up before the exercise and Stretch & Cool Down after. So I ended up with pain in my muscles! Ouch! Today I am going to start with no mistakes.

My motivation:

300 Rep Fat Slaughter Workout – Day 2

I don’t have a sandbag, but my weights were perfectly fine for this exercises.


Resistance training Time Challenge

Total time – 17:40


Ab Routine with Interval Timer on 50/10

1) Reptile PushUp – 20

2) Mountain Climbers – 43

3) Star Push Ups – 20


Not bad after all, sweat was raining, but I still don’t look like Zuzana on the picture. This will take time and it’s well worth it!

30 Day Challenge – Day 1

OK, so I started my 30 Day Challenge with the BodyRock.Tv yesterday. This was the 8 minute 50/10 Fit Test and here are my first results:

Height: 174 cm; Weight: 65.6 kg

  1.  Squat Jumps – 28
  2.  Push Ups (on knees) – 17
  3.  Burpees – 15
  4.  High Knees – 106
  5.  Switch Lunges – 32
  6.  Tuck Jumps – 18
  7.  Tricep Dips – 20
  8.  Straight Abs – 17

My weekly figure update:

My Goal is not to loose weight, but to tone and define my muscles, improve my posture, balance, loose the cellulite and round my butt.

I’m Sexy and I know it! Workouts by Zuzana from BodyRock.Tv

Since I gave a birth to my boy, I was thinking how to force myself to start workout my body again. I used to be so active before I got pregnant, everyday cycling on my one speed bike, going to the gym and training Capoeira were my favorite activities and I could not imagine my life without it!

A woman is often measured by the things she cannot control. She is measured by the way her body curves or doesn’t curve, by where she is flat or straight or round. She is measured by 36-24-36 and inches and ages and numbers. By all the outside things that don’t ever add up to who she is on the inside. And so if a woman is to be measured, let her be measured by the things she can control, by who she is and who she is trying to become. Because as every woman knows, measurements are only statistics and statistics lie.

But now, look at me, the lazy cow… too tired after just a short walk to the shop. So where to get the inspiration to start my routine again? I did some research on internet and I found Zuzana – by the way she is Czech too! And I believe, we Czech girls can do it! Although, like any other girl out there with a little bit of motivation.

What is better motivation than having a chance of Sexy Mummy’s body? The guys at BodyRock are really great. It is the whole community, everyone is passionate about what they do and you can find lots of motivation there! Plus they all do it for free! Of course you might say: “There is no time, I am so busy everyday with my child, or anything else. ” The good news? You only need less than 15 minutes, 5 days a week (for the best results). And now do not try to tell me you can’t find 10 minutes to make you look and feel amazing, now you are being lazy!

I started my first workout yesterday. My first after being pregnant for 40 weeks and 3 months and giving a natural birth to my son. I can’t tell you enough how did that feel! Amazing! It was so simple, I just logged in to and decided to start their February 30 Day Challenge. You don’t need to be advanced, it is for beginners too, everything is explained to details.

You even don’t need all the equipment, just use what you already have at home (flour, rice instead of weights). The only thing really needed is the Interval Timer. I got mine sorted – I am using HTC Android mobile phone, and it will work on any touch screen phone or even on your computer or iPad. Just download any application which has Interval Timer from the market for free!

I set up my Interval Timer following the instructions to complete the Fit Test to 50/10 with 8 repeating. Meaning there is 8 sets of workouts to complete each in 50 seconds with 10 seconds break. Just do as many repeating as you can in 50 seconds and write down the results. You will be surprised how your score is getting better each day!

In these 8 minutes of hardcore workout Fit Test, I am not lying, you will be sweating!!! And that really made me feel great. I am going to update my results each workout on a separate category I called BodyRock, where I will post each week also my pictures of how I’m progressing.

There is also a Diet Challenge which is again completely free, however I am going to try that one a bit later.

My Goal is to not to loose weight, but work with what I already have (since I had lots of compliments on that after my pregnancy). All I need to be happy with myself is to have toned muscles, improve my posture and nice round butt. I am a woman!

Something I Love

“I am sharing an image of something I love with Love All Blogs and Albelli

My beautiful son Lyam is a very special baby. He is a Valentine’s Day baby. I think that’s why he is always so happy and smiling, he is the gift from the heaven, he is my love and my happiness.

He is the one I love so much. Always keep smiling my baby!

Lyam Baby

With Love, your mummy. x

The Tropical Breakfast

I know how hard it might be sometimes to make your kids eat the fruits. Here is some inspiration I just made today. It takes few minutes, it is healthy and your kids will love it too! Try it at home :).

Do you have some cool food ideas? Share it please!


1 banana, halved and sliced

1 tangerine

2 kiwi, pealed and sliced


The Middle-Wife Story

Today I would like to share with you something what I found when searching for some funny pictures of babies. It is a true story and it really made me smile. Kids can be really funny sometimes.


Do you have any funny stories what your kids come up with? Please share!

Have a nice day!



A Mother’s Body

A Mother’s Body

Tiger Stripes

 Our stretch marks and lose skin and dimples may not have been there twenty years ago, but they are part of who we are now and, therefore, they are beautiful. We earned them.

We are Women, hear us Roar!

But, here’s the thing: I’m not roaring about my stretchmarks; I’m groaning.

Then there’s this movement that seems to pop up every few years of mothers baring their bellies to show what we — real women — look like. Yes, it’s absolutely refreshing to see what a normal belly is after years of being bombarded with washboard abs and Photoshopped perfection. Real bellies dimple and sag and dip and bulge. Real boobs do the same, and most of us have them. By recognizing this, we should all be more comfortable in our own skin. Well, that’s the point at least.

But, while everyone else is comforted and roaring, all I’m thinking is that I’m sure as hell not going to be caught dead on the internet without a shirt on. Good for those women. Their self-confidence and self-acceptance is inspiring. Good for their daughters, being raised by moms who are comfortable in their own skin… Good for their husbands who don’t need deal with the mishigas that most partners do. It’s a good thing… I’m just not there yet.

My body gave me my children and for that, I will be eternally grateful. It is a beautiful thing, indeed. But, the stretch marks? They’re not so pretty, no matter what exotic animal they’re compared to. The stomach? Sorry, but I would prefer it be be flatter. The veins? No, I don’t see little works of modern art in their formation. The sagging? The drooping? No, I can not say I love the effects that carrying and birthing three children has had on me. Does that make me anti-feminist, shallow and vain? Maybe, but it’s the truth: I liked my body better before I had kids.

Would I trade my motherly imperfections for the experience of motherhood? Of course not, not in a million years. But, I don’t consider them trophies, either. They’re more like necessary consequences that I’ve learned to accept, but never fully embrace. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but I’m not exactly proud of them, either.

Perhaps someday, I won’t slather coco butter on my skin, hoping for a miracle. Maybe I’ll even wear a skimpy swimsuit at a crowded public pool without the slightest hint of self consciousness. Maybe I’ll prance and roar and pound my chest with pride. But, more than likely, I won’t. I think I’ll always wish that I’d appreciated my pre-baby belly more and scowl at the cruel redistribution of weight. But, I do recognize that I’m more than a number on the scale or the ripples on my skin. I am woman. I guess I’m just not much of a roarer.

I do, however, really like to hiss.

Scary Mommyvia A Mother’s Body.

Hello world! Here I am!

The Introduction.

It’s been a long time since I was planning to start my own blog. Well, here you go! Finally I am here. If you are asking who I am, please continue reading. For someone I am a partner, friend, mum, makeup artist or just a crazy fool. I could be anything or anyone, however, I am me.

Born and raised in Czech in 1985, since 2008 a Londoner. Traveled around Europe and lived in Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia for half year.  I have a beautiful son. I will talk about him later on. Since on maternity leave, looking after my baby gave me the chance to see a brand new world. I’m a mummy! And most of the time at home, which is a fantastic opportunity to start and share my new hobby – be a reviewer and a blogger, think how to make more money and grow my business. If you are interested in my Makeup Art, click here.

Hope you guys gonna enjoy this as I do. Please leave your comments when you visit my page, I am happy for your feedback.


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